Gibenson Jeremi

Gibenson Jeremi, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2014

Gibenson Jeremi, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2014

Before I get carried away writing about the snowflakes, his face, the stick, floating-in-pictorial-space citrus fruit… I am just going to reach deep into Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, copies of which have found their way to me through many friendships (Roger Vail, Ron Evans, Tam McPhail and more) over decades:

“Here association ceases to be fortuitous, but is sought after, willed. It is a poetic, specifically poetic, constitution. It is sublimation that is entirely rid of the organic or psychic weights from which one wanted to be free. In other words, it corresponds to pure sublimation.” -Bachelard, Poetics, p 227 (Beacon Press, 1994, pb edition)

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