Micheline Bienamie

Micheline Bienamie, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2014

Micheline Bienamie, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2014

Mdm. Micheline is one of the Zanmi Kafe project farmers. Part of a new kind of initiative based on minimum intervention (simply providing seeds, some training, and sustained contact with a nearby agricultural college) while sustaining the chance to bring farming families in the area up to a stable economic and environmental state of health. The development lingo for this approach is ‘leveraging’. The project has now been running for about two years, and I’ve watched it grow, literally, from seed to tree. Meanwhile, the community of Bois Jolie has established some deep ties with faculty (particularly my inspiring colleague and professor of Biology, Deborah McGrath) and students from Sewanee and from our partnering agricultural college in Haiti, the Centre de Formacion Fritz Lafontant (CFFL). The latest phase of the project now includes a photographic component called Zanmi Foto – zanmi means friends or partners. Read more about all of this here.

This photograph was taken on the day the farmers distributed their first batch of shade and coffee saplings among themselves.

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