All the prints from the Scans from Prints blog posts are available for purchase. Prices vary from USD 800 to 3000, not matted, unframed, free shipping. I’ll refund within 30 days if you are not happy with the print. Please drop me a note if you are interested in purchasing a print from the site or from any other one of my portfolios.

Other available publications and prints are listed below. If not indicated here, please click on the links for prices and order details.

On a Hand, Pisa, Italy, February, 2010

On a Wall: photographs from Italy, 2010

view the piece, also available
as a book and
a hand printed platinum-palladium folio
(edition of 5, at US $10,000 each – contact for information)

one walk around lake chasten, 2014.

one walk around lake cheston, sewanee, tn. 2014
view the piece,  also available as a book

Kouros. i. Archeological Museum of Delos, Greece. 2010

Reflectance: portraits of Greek sculptures and my family
view the piece, also available as a book


Globes. Winter. Fog.

i have gone: an elegy to friend and photographer, Gunnie Moberg
view the piece, also available as a book