List of publications that include images and words by Pradip Malde
selected list

2007 Silvershotz magazine (vol.4, ed.1), London
2006 Mike J Ware, “Gold in Photography:_The History and Art of Chrysotype”, ffotoffilm publishing, Abergavenny, UK.
2001 Stevenson and Forbes, “A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland”, National Galleries, Edinburgh, Scotland
1999 “Into the Light: Photographic printing out of the darkroom”, Exhibition catalogue, the Royal Photographic Society, Bath, England.
1996 “Prayer and Despair: Photographs and Calligraphy, 1995”, Exhibition catalogue, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.
1995 “Light From the Dark Room: a Celebration of Scottish Photography”, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
1994 Photographs published in Blind Spot, New York, September.
Portfolio of platinum prints and technical paper in View Camera Magazine, Sacramento, CA., September.
1993 Malde & Lunsford, “Imogen Cunningham: The Poetry of Form”, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany.
1990 Malde/Lorenz, “The Eclectic Spirit: Imogen Cunningham”, Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, Glasgow, Scotland
1990 “Scottish Photography Now”, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh / exhibition catalogue (available in English and Spanish eds.)
1990 Malde, “Memory, Balance, Love”, Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh / exhibition catalogue
1989 Badger & Harris, “Through The Looking Glass”, Barbican Art Gallery, London / exhibition catalogue
1986 Weaver, “The Photographic Art”, Herbert Press, London
Stathatos, J. “Multiple Originals”, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, 1986.