Message for my FR and Bill Daniels

Yippetee-i-o goils!
We’re cruising into semester and you’re wondering what to do with all your extra time.

Well, ho’-dang, (and phtt-ting hit that bowl o tin with a well-aimed NASA-rattling stream o baccy-phlegm),
what you can do is get some culture!
First, read this piece of wisdom, (be – low)
Then do some lassoo twirling (breaks down all those negative tension- induced neck crackles y’know)
But avoid snoogin your room-mate (heck, we don’t want to do THAT with our nooses!)
And then be sure you swing on over to the Nabit building to check out what’s with the Boat.

Boat! Whoa! What’s that gotto do with the saddle!
Ah! there’s the vehicle. Or the oar.

See you Friday at 4:30.

Like snowflakes in blizzards,
change comes thick and fast,
Obliterates landmarks that linked to the past.

We need tell our stories,
share memories amassed,
To help those who follow ride out the storm’s blast

by Jane Morton. written for Cowboy Poetry Week, 2007