Remembering 9-11 from the classroom

Were you in class, either as a teacher or a student, on 9-11-2001? What do you remember?

3 responses to “Remembering 9-11 from the classroom”

  1. On 9/11/01 I was in french class when I realized something was wrong. Another teacher walked into the room holding her face in her hands and sobbing. She turned on the television. None of my other teachers conducted class for the rest of the day. Instead, our eyes were glued to the tv, hoping for answers.

  2. I was in English class, 10th grade. A student walked into the room and told my teacher to turn on the news. We watched for maybe 15 minutes trying to piece together what we were watching and what was really happening. The principle announced that it was up to teachers to watch or to continue teaching. Only one of my next four classes let us watch. Many students were picked up from school early and other students were saying that “they” might aim for schools next. Emotionally, I remember not feeling terror or sadness so much as confusion. The only thing I remember hearing in class was the voice of the smiling girl that sat next to me saying “Jesus is coming.” I didn’t understand what she was talking about either.

  3. I was in 11th grade history class. I had gotten up to use the restroon and there were other students in the hallway discussing something terrible that had happened in New York City. When i got back to class my teacher had turned on the news and we began watching what was going on. Soon after that I was picked up for a doctors appt by my father. We were suppose to fly to TN the next day for a wedding. We went straight home, packed for the wedding and hit the road for we had a two day drive ahead of us.

    I was discussing this last night with some friends and we decieded that Sept. 11, 2001 is the day we will all remember exactly where we were, just like our parents generation all remember the day that JFK died.