Robert Clarke-Davis (check the web site link below to see his photographs) sends me postcards and small, handbound books almost every week. Some ten years of this, and I now have several boxes full of his hypnotic, deeply felt imagery, and feel extremely privileged to be his friend and occasional colleague. Clarke teaches photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Unorthodox in vision and practice – just take a look at his web site to get a sense of the former, and as an indicator of the later consider how few photographers exist who can hop from Holga-based work to large format / platinum prints to color digital – his work is little known largely because he chooses to buck the system. Galleries have shied away from exhibiting his work, I think, because Clarke’s favored method of disseminating prints is by simply giving them away.You inspire many of us Clarke, and I hope that the institution and students of SAIC realize just how fortunate they are to have you there.