traveling with mark

wood. sky. near lake baikal. 1995
platinum-palladium print, 8×10 inches.
This image was made in one of the most ‘natural’ spots on this planet that I have ever been to. And yet, what I formed my thoughts around is the result of death and decay, and ultimately, rejuvenation. Photographically, this image is not at all manipulated. Conceptually and emotionally, it is, as they say in Battlestar-speak, frakked! Not dust to dust and ashes to ashes, but wood to sky, water to ashes. I made it while traveling through Siberia with my friend and colleague Mark Preslar.
This photograph is part of the ‘Prayer and Despair‘ series from 1994-95. It will be included in the sequence from Siberia that I intend to post in a week or so.