the beat

ritual drum, India. 1995. (from series “Prayer and Despair”)
platinum-palladium print, 8×10 in
Two students and art majors from Sewanee are working on extremely challenging projects in Haiti and Peru. Jack and Lexi, know that many of us are following your work, and that it is enough that you are there. Being a documentarian is, in large part, a matter of alert waiting, listening and anticipating. It is also a process of hovering outside of the cloud, and at times the miasma, of the burden of being alive and trying to stay alive. But this hovering has both privileges and responsibilities: it affords the privilege of observing, witnessing, and comes with the responsibility of making sense, clarifying, conveying. It is a steady process, that of your vision tapping away at the madness of being alive. Be patient. You are after all, drummers.

2 responses to “the beat”

  1. Pradip, do you know that I read this post about once a month, just so that I don’t forget these things? I focus on that dark spot on the drum, and imagine what I should put there. 🙂
    Thanks for words.