moonrise, Lake Baikal, Siberia.
from series, ‘Prayer and Despair
platinum-palladium print, 8×10 in.
My friend Chris Bucklow, in a discussion (What’s in the Dwat) of Phillip Guston’s work, considers the use of rising suns as a symbolization of polarization and dichotomy. Multiple suns, moons, selves; multiplicity. Even Salman Rushdie, in his new book, The Enchantress of Florence, puts the reader into Akbar The Great’s mind as he struggles with these multiple selves. I wonder at the frequency with which multiplicity appears in any handling of the larger (existential, dare I say it) questions about our being. Is it possible that through this ‘prismatizing’, of separating out into a multitude of channels of a conjoined experience, we are perhaps giving ourselves an indication that ‘mind’ itself is a formulation, a meta-symbol of symbols? Borges’ Library of Babel is another indication of this.