the plebs, the priests and the very large hadron collider

Floating Stone (from series, Memory Balance Love)
platinum-palladium print, 8×10 in
The same mental types as those who broke into hives and weeping fits at the onset of solar eclipses centuries ago, and as those who crowed disaster with the arrival of 2000 are now approaching thrombo red-zones with the powering up of the Large Hadron Collider. And things have changed – the high priests, the technicians of what may well turn out to be sacred, are stepping into the uncertain, sure – but they now want to share their knowledge, not use it to wield power over the plebs! So ease up folks. This is an exciting event, and one that is better characterized as a sliding, zonal adventure than a singularity triggered by a Big Red Switch. We are not all going to meld into one tiny speck of density on Wednesday, September 10. (And if we do, no one will be around to say, I told you so.)