Pradip Malde *WAS* [chuckle]

It is amazing how the web can be crawling with comments about oneself, almost to the point where an alter-personality takes shape, and the me-that-I-know-as-me fumbles along, morphing on another plane of existence. 

Today, flu-bound and bored, feeling sorry for myself and full of the blahs, I started trawling for this other me. I found one comment on the APUG forum which stated that I no longer make platinum-palladium prints. And another that was both complimentary and expressed another commentator’s ire about my work.

I manifest here as me. And my work.

5 responses to “Pradip Malde *WAS* [chuckle]”

  1. Your work is breathtaking. I’m glad that the reports of your alt printing ‘demise’ were greatly exaggerated… I’ve added your blog to my list of regular stops. Thanks for the great work and inspiration.

  2. I regularly check in here and just last night passed on the sentiment and poem of your previous blog to fellow like-minded artists…your comments on identity are timely after an evening where people saw my work (and I think thought they saw me…) and I felt more invisible or mis-? by a great deal of this exercise. Somehow my photon beginnings at Sewanee always manage to keep me centered about making images and knowing myself…

  3. I couldn’t help but browse around that APUG site at other comments and threads, and I know it sounds like a huge generalization, but much of the commenting seemed like this gross effort of bravado and generalized opinions without a true discourse or genuine sharing of knowledge. I realize this is how many web forums function (including non photography biased sites), but it is getting tired and repetitive. Ugg. Just sick of being told by a bunch of old men what is “good” and what is “not.” Of course not including you Pradip 😉

  4. Pradip,
    I second Sarah’s comment on observing the inflated bravado and self-serving ego-stroking of this web forum. These are obviously people who prefer talking to thinking and true discourse, and are too busy with climbing an imagined ladder to research and self-search before opening their mouths.
    Your work is beautiful – don’t EVER let anyone tell you otherwise, and if you get down read the poem you gave us, “The Falcon” – that’s what I turn and return to when I lose my way in the mire of things like this. We love you!