Neurotype – A New Photographic Process

Neurotype – A New Photographic Process

From Pradip Malde & Mike Ware

We are pleased to announce an exciting newly-invented iron-based
printing process
, which we are today offering to the alternative
photographic process community.


It makes use of the recent scientific discovery that human brain
tissue may accumulate deposits of reactive, neurotoxic iron(III) salts:


Neurotype Instructions

1) Drink regular daily amounts of citrus fruit juice, iron tonic, and
colloidal gold dietary supplement. (see )


2) In the dark, practice lengthy Yoga headstands in order to promote
gravitational sedimentation of the carboxylic acids and metal ions,
forming a sub-cranial deposit of cerebral iron(III) photosensitizer.


3) Carefully shave your scalp (this step may be omitted by the
follically-challenged, and tonsured monks).


4) Tape a photographic negative to the top of your head – emulsion
down, of course.


5) Stand in the sun for 30 minutes, with your hat removed, in order
to print-out a truly conceptual art-work. See illustration.

6) To secure an archival neurotype, the final processing step is,
necessarily, thorough brainwashing.


The Neurotype is designed especially for those alternative
practitioners who are susceptible to degenerative brain disorders,
such as Poissondavril’s Syndrome.


PS. The authors have also developed a camera-speed version of this
process which will revolutionise photography; the secret will be
divulged to selected practitioners only, on payment of an agreed fee.
This version is called neurotype rex.


4 responses to “Neurotype – A New Photographic Process”

  1. Hey Pradip,

    Very exciting! New discoveries all the time! Oh, BTW did you see this exceptional BBC documentary?:

  2. Given the capability of iron salts for magnetic alignment, I see great potential in this, specifically for mapping. For the adept, may be possible to generate a neurotype mandala or spiritual cosmic map. I am wondering, however, if right brain/left brain polarization will lead to an inversion of east/west orientation of the map? Have you all done any work along these lines? Capacity for neurotype cartography might be a real aid in enabling some persons to figure out where they are.