Orkney Futures: a handbook
Orkney Futures: a handbook

A small piece by me is included in the recently published  ‘Orkney Futures: a handbook‘:

A new collection describing what may lie ahead for Orkney. From Nobel prizewinner Seamus Heaney to Orkney poet Robert Rendall, OIC Convenor Stephen Hagan to Orcadian, Big Brother celebrity Cameron Stout, 49 views of the future to inspire and encourage.

‘Orkney Futures… is a handbook like no other. For a small book, it tackles ambitious themes.’ Ron Ferguson

‘Such books, or public-actions, bridge art and social thinking – a gentler and therefore more penetrating form of thinking seems to emerge, when we look to the future in this designated non-designated space…’ Alec Finlay

Thanks to editors Alistair Peebles & Laura Watts for the honor of including me in this work.