Wolf Böwig

Wolf Böwig, from his book with text by Pedro Rosa Mendes, ‘shadows, dreams, shapes: the lulik reality’

Conflict photographer Wolf Böwig spent the last three days in Sewanee. Wolf: your visit has energized many people here – thank you!!

Wolf’s web site: http://www.wolfboewig.de/

several multi-media examples of his work, including the films ‘Kurosafrica’ and ‘Gandhi’s Way’.

Wolf’s collaborative project, Black.Light merges text, drawing and photography to render highly charged pieces about conflict. The project is a collaboration between Wolf Böwig, writer Pedro Rosa Mendes, Henning Ahlers, Kirsten Rian, Christoph Ermisch and a number of illustrators:

Danijel Zezelj, Séra (Phoussera Ing), Greg Ruth, George Pratt, Lorenzo Mattotti, Nic KleinThierry van HasseltBenjamin Flao, and David von Bassewitz