My Mother, on her morning walk
July 7, 2011

I sent this image to my friend and fellow teacher/photographer, Robin Gillanders. We were going back and forth about cameras and lenses, but ultimately, all this dicussion boils down to what really matters. I hope Robin does not mind me sharing part of the correspondence:

“Dear Robin

hope I am not boring you with my photo-nurding…
but just by way of illustrating what I meant [this refers to the use of autofocus lenses]: took this yesterday morning while walking with my mom. I did not want to make her feel self-conscious or break the magic of that early morning walk and stillness, and what really was for her a bit of a morning ritual and meditation. I wanted her hair in focus, had but a split second to shoot, and my fingers guessed focus and exposure while I was moving the camera into position, not to my head but hovering a few inches behind here almost at arm’s length. I don’t think I could have worked that fast or accurately with an autofocus… but then, I know this lens well, have known it for over 10 years!
Acht, more than anything else, just want to share this pic of my mom, ’cause I know you miss yours.
with a small tear in my eye and a bubble in my heart, more convinced than ever about the rightness and value of what you and I do,