Paul Boggle wall mural, 1st Streeet and West Road, West Trench Town, 2011.

This project is finally done. It is the result of about two years-worth of photographing on my p[art, and almost twenty years or more of Dixon Myers’ community work in and around the district of Trench Town in Kingston. Turning the Wall – a Trench Town journey, is described by Felix Bivens in the introduction as

” a book about the meaning and importance of community. The layers and layers of color, of history, of decay and of repurposement tell us something about life and death and resurrection in a still quite voice if we look and listen long enough—like the furrows on an aged, timeworn face that upend our shallow commercialized notions of beauty to give us a glimpse of the wisdom and nobility that come with struggle, pain and loss. The faces of the residents mirror the textures of the place, worn and weathered—but indefatigable. In spite all that has gone awry, there is still pride and hope, creativity and exuberance. Music still fills the air and moves the feet. The energy that filled the government yards in Marley’s day still resides there and hums rhythmically, in expectation of that better world that the music helps us to believe in from the inside out.”