Richard Walker, with Glass Muller. Galsgow, 1984.
pt-pd print from 8×10 negative

A few months after making the portrait of Mike Ware in Orkney, I moved to Glasgow and was kindly nestled in the home of three artists, Annie, Elise and Richard for a few months while I sorted out a suddenly itinerant life. Richard’s paintings and his craft became an anchor for me in ways that I only realized years later. And now, I’ve lost touch with him (helloooo…. if you are out there Richard…)

Here again— the open gaze, surrounded by objects that make up the vessel which carries one through life, and an acknowledged relationship between what is known and certain and all the subterranean stuff that is vague yet very real— I find myself referring to the Fayum-esque.

Today, I filled out an application form to visit and look at some Fayummi at a museum. Fingers crossed.