Drive-By Robert Clarke-Davis

Drive-By Robert Clarke-Davis

Robert Clarke-Davis with a Drive-By Gift Drop
(leaving 15 minutes after arriving from Chicago)
June 25, 2012

 Where do I begin. I have a lovely and long friendship with photographer, Robert Clarke-Davis. To say he functions from his vision, his heart and an acute intellect is to put it too simply, but that is a reasonable introduction. To say that he is air and wind is a bit more accurate. Air… is still, it is, it pervades, invades, sustains, defines substance. Much of his photography is like that. Wind is movement, energy, a balancing act that is never about fulfillment and always about desire. Much of the way he works and shares his work is just like the wind.

As Rachel and I shared a quiet evening drink with friends, Quentin and Brook, on the back porch, a strange car rolls into the driveway. Clarke jumps out, dumps two large packets on a chair and starts to head back to his car, saying, I have to make it to Baltimore tomorrow, bye. Normally this would be fine, if this kind of normal means a hasty visit from a neighbor. But Clarke lives in Wisconsin and I have not seen him in over 5 years, and what an earth is he doing in Sewanee and how dare he just pop in and leave like that. He stayed for fifteen minutes longer than he intended, and over coffee, briefly explained that he really was intending to drop off this packet and loop back up to Baltimore. He is on his way. Amazing.

I have not opened either packet yet, but this is the note on one of them. An extraordinary friend.

update: if you visit Clarke’s site, you’ll see this on his home page today:

when entering the site, it is better to travel than actually arrive and make use of the back button”
Robert Clarke-Davis