Allan Jones. 1992
Platinum-palladium print from an 8×10 negative

Allan, a painter and dear friend, wrote me in an email:

“I feel as if painting is becoming part of my body  …  i get stopped often -now – sometimes and feel what i only thought about feeling all these years  …   that feeling beyond art, or better, what is truly inside of art …”

I believe that we ache for reassurance. And if it comes from our ancestors, or from several millennia past, the ache begins to become balmy, even sweet.  Reassurance; that what I feel is okay, that there is some sense and purpose in the pain of the present, and that my pain-joy-loss-beauty is only here because of what came before me. The Fayum are important to me, and to us I believe for this reason: they communicate, they have a presence, despite the millenia that separate the moment of their making from the present. In this sense, they are beyond art.