Another World

Another World

Luca, Kiran, Craig and the Star Wars Cupcake.
Laurel Lake, NH. July, 2012.

 We crave to bring the imagined into existence. Many artists have spoken of this in numerous ways, and all summed up with ‘making the invisible visible’. But it may be possible that phenomena crave to shape us, in spite of and despite our sense of self; that ‘we’ are constantly dissolving and reconstituting. That we are, simply, a movement. And what shapes us comes out of darkness, and becomes light as it take shape.

UPDATE: I just came across this interview with John Blakemore, by Jim Casper for Lensculture:

“One cannot photograph experience, but to have lived it can change and develop habitual ways of seeing and of knowing.” — John Blakemore

John Blakemore: from the Tulip series, on the Lensculture blog

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