looking at my bed

looking at my bed, sewanee, tn, March 2013


looking at my bed, sewanee, tn, March 2013

…a note to my partner, fellow photographer Rachel Malde, who is on a work trip in Kingston, Jamaica…
Hello my love
it is a rainy rainy day in Sewanee
I processed four rolls of 120 film
made coffee
and again
and the rain speaks noises that spring is coming
and summer
all back all here
all, somehow, at the same time
sunrise, shadow, looking out, out looking in
softness, hardness, rounded and rectangular
and the rolls of film from
greece, italy, gardens, sewanee
yours and mine
all at the same time
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  1. Hi Pradip,
    I stumbled upon your blog and was so delighted to see your work again. I took a class with you at the Art Institute of Chicago–a platinum/ palladium class–that was so wonderful–at least 7 years ago (one of two older women in the class). Looking forward to checking in to see your work–I have a small blog: http://marymccloskey.typepad.com that I try to keep up with. My website is old and needs to be redone. It sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of wonderful traveling and photographing.

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