In The Garden

In the Garden 10. Atlanta, GA. February 2013

In the Garden 10. Atlanta, GA. February 2013
Silver gelatin print, 10×10 inches

Part of a new series of photographs, growing slowly, from reading Stanley Kunitz’ Wild Braid (with Genine Lentine).

“I feel as though I’m a traveler exploring territory that may not be wholly new, but it has reverberations and images that seem to have a collective presence. It’s still a feeling, a sensibility that is mysterious and in many ways because I don’t know exactly where I am at this moment, in terms of the imaginative, the creative process, but I know I am searching for something different from the terrain I was familiar with. And yet, it isn’t simply a new landscape. When I finally come to grips with my night visitor, I’ll know more clearly what it is I have in mind, which seems to be a new set of images, but connected very much with my whole history.”

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  1. Have been following you since a month or bit more….ur photographs have so much of depth in it.i draw inspiration from them…..with this one i m just awestruck…

  2. Thanks Suman! The photograph was made in a small Japanese garden in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Georgia, USA. I have long been enthralled by the way no-information has formed an essential part of Japanese culture. Much of my work tries to make alive these seemingly silent and empty experiences. It is not too different from the carefully modulated but very long drawn-out notes of some of the slower ragas in North Indian classical music.

  3. sir, your pictures are truly justifying your motive behind it……i saw some of images taken in Jodhpur, i visited the same fort and captured some parts…but i see how nicely u ve made ur pictures so much more worthy…

    i look forward to learning a lot through the bits you share here..

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