Suns. (fresco and La Nativita by Raffaello Vanni.)
Chiesa di San Francesco, Cortona, Italy. March 2010.
8×10 film, processed in pyro.

The series, ‘In The Garden’, began while I was in Cortona, in 2010. I knew then that the work had something to do with the singular sense of relief that comes from compression and constriction. The Exodus story, and Moses’ too, tends to be considered most in this way. But I was also thinking a lot about the responsibilities of citizenship, and the gardener as both guide and maker. Back then, I simply called this new and growing body of work ‘Exodus’. It was too simple.

Now, three years on, the work made around December of 2012 began to both clarify and deepen my understanding of these issues, and I returned to the (perhaps more) ancient stories and cosmologies of the creator/destroyer gods in the Vedic and Hindu pantheon: Shiva and Vishnu in particular. So, this work now sits a bit more comfortably in my head. In the Garden. And I am still thinking of Stanley Kunitz’ work.