Earth. Sky. Cortona, Italy. March 2010.Earth. Sky. Cortona, Italy. March 2010. (Where are you now, Julian Jaynes?)
print from 8×10 negative, processed with Pyro developer

“Part of the fascination with gardening is that it is, on the one hand, a practical exercise of the human body and, on the other, a direct participation in the ritual of birth and life and death.” — Stanley Kunitz, from The Wild Braid (p61)

The creative process is just as much about the destructive process. Much of what I am trying to understand, especially with this body of work, is how we may be engaged with this cyclic process at every level and every moment of our being. We may be negating visual data in order to make sense of only that which seems essential and worthy of the central cone of vision. We certainly sift through thoughts in  similar fashion. What if, however, the negations offer clues to a more profound image – one that Julian Jaynes alluded to in his idea of the bicameral mind? What if the bridging between negated and acknowledged is far more important than attention given to either (discourse)?