Fete. Sunday. Near Camp Perrin, Haiti 2007

Fête. St. Esprit, near Camp Perrin, Haiti 2006

A small church, and its large and energized congregation, gathered for a fête to celebrate the installation of a new potable water tank. Teams of children had been rehearsing dances, there was an egotistical Master of Ceremonies / DJ bossing everyone around and screaming into a PA system, and most important of all: drinks, snacks and lunch  provided by the church.

This same small building, deep in plush countryside, was also a school and community meeting place. Electricity, running water, sanitation, paved roads… all absent. But one wouldn’t know it just going by the turnout. The children were immaculately dressed, young men and women in pressed clothes too, and adults in Sunday attire.

So what about the raving DJ? He had an excuse, perhaps, for having to shout and scream. The generator, which we transported in our pickup truck from Les Cayes down a muddy track, sat roaring, right beside the speaker.

Leica M6, 35mm Summilux lens, Fuji P400 film