Hanging Floating

Hanging Floating

Hanging, Floating (Auget Jean Calou and Marichelie Josef). Cange

Hanging, Floating (Auget Jean Calou and Marichelie Josef). Cange, Haiti. January, 2008

Auget and Marichelie hanging from a rafter, with their cousin in the background, echoing my act of taking a photograph.

A photographer considers not simply the formal relationship between light and dark, but also and always how light and dark allude to what we do not normally see. Thus, a photograph renders vision as opposed to recording what is seen. And most importantly, this is how one photographs things that are felt but not seen.

This is the primary reason why I feel the idea of the ‘decisive moment‘ is somewhat limiting and too simplistic as a way of describing photographic vision. The idea leans too heavily on event and the juxtaposition of lens and subject and moment. It does not fully or sufficiently acknowledge the poetic (and I mean this in terms of the Greek origin) functions of tone and color in photography.

These children hanging there in front of me, playing while I was trying to photograph their grandfather, compressed a vast gamut of feelings and histories into this one frame. Feelings and histories that only became present within the photographic print.

Hasselblad 500C/M, 80mm Planar lens, Ilford HP5 film, processed in Pyro PMK