Thérose Theomas sorting peas. Cange, Haiti. 2009

Thérose Theomas sorting peas. Cange, Haiti. 2009

Thérose’s parents had established a half-acre plot of land replete with vegetables and fruit trees, and fed with a rare thing – their own toilet that was built to compost human waste. It was a clever system that separated urine and feces, and turned into compostable material which went on to fertilize the soil.

Here she is shelling some delicious peas from the garden. But she was not at school. From my note books:

“the cost of education has got to be far less than the burden of ignorance. And increasingly I feel that poverty is the great conspiracy of our times: resulting from the tacit agreement among those who believe that free market economics needs a highly stratified society. I’m almost beginning to find capitalism to be morally unsupportable…”

Her parents could not afford to send her to school. But they had food.

I have had some interesting conversations in the past couple of weeks with some students about process. How one gets and stays close to people, how to retain a sense of intimacy and empathy, despite the photographic process. I thought it might be of interest, in terms of these discussions, to post the full sequence of frames out of which the final one was extracted.

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Canon 5D MK II, EF35mm 1.4L lens, post-processed with Lightroom