Modline Pierre

Modline Pierre

Modline Pierre. Zanmi Lasante, Cange, Haiti. January, 2008

Modline Pierre. Zanmi Lasante, Cange, Haiti. January 10, 2008

Modline is one of the custodial staff at the Zanmi Lasante. The medical institution occupies a large complex of lofty cement structures perched on a steep hillside, that are interconnected with thigh-burning steps and walkways. Trees and shade abound. The sound of children at the ZL school, SUVs transporting personnel, patients and relatives waiting along the walkways, the choir and musicians in the chapel all seem to flicker in and out of the puddled light, dancing with Modline’s graceful sweeping action as she steadily works her way along the path with her straw broom. Always, she does this immaculately dressed. I’ve seen her every year since this photograph was made. She still works at ZL.

Leica M6, 35mm Summilux lens, Ilford HP 5 processed in Pyro PMK

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  1. This daily virtual visit to your show is a real treat — the swoop from overview to individual images has had a satisfying, promenading “Pictures at an Exhibition” feel — but this image is a stand-out: I love the sense of imagined rain in blazing heat, conjured while absorbed in dusty work.


  2. Mike – Thank you so much for looking and taking the time to comment! The process of going through my notebooks and commenting on these images has become a strange, rather solitary, reflection on haiti-in-pradip-and-photography-in-pradip-in-haiti. I only wish I had more time for this.
    PS: to any other readers – I highly recommend Mike’s blog, Idiotic Hat. His writing is erudite and smart, and his photographs are equally engaging and poetic. I especially recommend you take a look at his books, available on Blurb.