Frond outside Pinchinat's House. Cange, HaitiJanuary, 2008


Frond outside Pinchinat’s House. Cange, Haiti. January, 2008

I saw this hanging off a tree near a friend’s house – I’ve made several portraits of Mr. Pinchinat, and the ‘Hanging – Floating‘ photographs of his grandchildren. This photograph was taken in the same location. For me, it strengthens the argument for photographic seeing as being more about the alluded or poetic moment, than it is a process defined by a decisive moment. Having just gone from making a portrait of Pinchinat, to a funny/sad set of frames of children playing and hanging from rafters, to this image, the process was certainly about trying to work out some thoughts and feelings, and to find connections that allude to some other realm of phenomena and experience. This image was most certainly not born of a decisive moment.

As part of a larger expression, it forms the left-hand frame of a strip of four images:

Frond outside Pinchinat's House. Cange, HaitiJanuary, 2008 Coleb Laforest studying for a college entrance exam. Zanmi Lasan Nine Pines Nine PinesEach ‘strip’ of photographs in The Third Heaven has a title. This one is called, “Wind”

Hasselblad 500C/M, 80mm Planar lens, Ilford HP5 film, processed in Pyro PMK