I Have Gone Book

I Have Gone – a print-on-demand version of the book is now available
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3 responses to “I Have Gone Book”

  1. Congratulations on such tightly sequenced and nuanced work, Pradip. It seems to me you’re at your best when exploring the Big Themes through the lens of your family and immediate surroundings. FWIW, I admire the Haiti work, but relate more closely to the intimacy of these images — it seems to me you are able to work with precisely those protective / superstitious taboos that prevent most of us from making the emotional “weather” of our families our primary subject.


  2. Thank you Mike! You are right, and yet, this is the hardest work to do. While Haiti is not easy to work in, or make work about, it is familiar and comfortable (I grew up in a very similar environment). But to consider those that we love most, and the places that provide solace, within the mortal frame just hurts, a lot. Thank you.

  3. I fully agree with what Mike is saying, and I would humbly ask permission to repeat his words; I could not have said it better.
    Those photographs you concerted up in your ‘I Have Gone Book’ are able to highly enrapture me. The delicacy, the intimacy and tenderness is radiating so powerfully – you are touching the wonders…