Stairs. To look at mountains beyond mountains. Cange, Haiti.  Ma

Stairs. To look at mountains beyond mountains. Zanmi Lasante, Cange, Haiti.
May, 2009

These stairs cascade upward from the Zanmi Lasante campus, and end abruptly at a circular concrete platform. The view from the top is grand, sweeping a full 360 degrees. But the climb is all about aspiration, and striving, and hope.

Struggle persists, as the Creole saying, Dye mon, gen mon – There are mountains beyond mountains – suggests. And it also implies that the passage is what matters.

I love photographing. I love the way a photograph can be hopeful, with light and dark, with tone and edge. And infinite – for every moment, many more, but none like that one. There are moments beyond moments.

Canon 5D MKII, EF 35mm 1.4L USM lens, post processed in Lightroom