From My Office Window


January 28, 2014

A dear friend, or more than that, but there is no word in English for it, passed away today. He loved clarity, and put his brilliant mind to good use towards achieving this. He questioned, and let his questioning transform his beliefs, his being, and his work. Even if it meant that some of what he valued, and drew meaning and purpose from, would have to be sacrificed… or rather, that he would be the sacrifice. He loved clarity. But only if it embraced chaos, and presented challenges.

David L. died this morning, or sometime last night. It began to snow then, quietly wiping out footprints that the landing flakes succumbed to. Making white from chaos, and letting darkness sliver the white.

Rest in peace my friend. Just as you dedicated your life to teaching and Russian culture, you remained  to the end, so much a Russian in spirit, embracing clarity while dancing on the fringes of chaos.