Spectator II. Hinche, Haiti, May 2014.

 “Will that boy…”or that young man…”grow up to demand his inheritance, and what will he regard that to be? Will he seek to restore everything he shares with his countrymen or, in his obeisance, has he come to despise himself so much that all he can think to acquire is the authority of his masters, retaining all the same structures, the same commercial contracts, the same listed governance and culture of power, while hating every man who reminds him of his own vulgar self?” – Zia Haider Rahman, from ‘In The Light of What We Know’, p29-31

This is an astonishing novel, and a copy of which I just received from my dear friend Roger Vail. read this wonderful review by James Wood.

Roger is teaching a workshop at Shakerag, Sewanee this week.