Heart 6

Heart 6

Child's Seat in Kitchen. Near Blanchard, Haiti. May, 2014.


Child’s Seat in Kitchen. Near Blanchard, Haiti. May, 2014.

2 responses to “Heart 6”

  1. Like a tiny, time-worn megalithic tomb… This series brings home certain contrasts and realities about domestic objects in contexts of poverty and material wealth that I find eye-opening. The small dog (real, and not a toy, I presume) somehow makes the picture…


  2. Mike – thank you for looking at this series so closely. Your comment articulates exactly what compels me to work on this (ongoing) series. Whispering in the background, through all this work, is the privilege I’ve been granted by the people who dwell in these places. I know them all by name, and they me, and somewhere in the mix of wanting/taking/giving (the ‘exchange’) there is a quiet, simple acknowledgment that we condition each other simply by gazing, by just being together for a few moments. That dog stuck to its cool spot under the table, but kept watching me as I walked around. It was, as they say, chilled out.