Two quotes, that have shimmered around in me for years, then some images about what is obscured from us by being seen…

George Mackay Brown, the Orcadian poet and author:

“There, you shake another cloud from you, and another, in your great haste this windy night to finish your business, whatever it is.” From Vinland

And Ana Hatherly, from one of her ‘Tisanes’ (published in The Lost Origins of the Essay, ed. John D’Agata):

“Once upon a time there was a landscape where there were never any clouds.
To make rain it was necessary to wash the horizon with feathers.”

This line of thinking, the one about what becomes obscured by being seen, only became apparent many years after I began to see it…. and I think it began here:

George Mackay Brown, Foss, Perthshire. 1985


George Mackay Brown, Foss, Perthshire. 1985
palladium-platinum print from 8×10 negative