Never Any Clouds 11

Never Any Clouds 11

where are you now sudek?


Where are you now Josef Sudek?
Palladium-platunum print from 8×10 negative

4 responses to “Never Any Clouds 11”

  1. This is such an intriguing series… I do like the idea of invoking other photographers in this way — Sudek’s “studio window” series is a real touchstone for me.


  2. This is a fine sequence, a masterclass in transcribing poetic thought into print tonality. I have enjoyed the Orkney beach images Pradip, thanks for adding them. Again that fluid use of tonality to invoke deeper meanings.

  3. Mary, Mike, Chris – thank you. One of the biggest challenges of teaching photography is the different modes of communication that we have to work with. Words. Images. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement!