Globes. Winter. Fog.

Globes. Winter. Fog.Sewanee, TN. December, 2007.
Scanned image from 11×14 negative (I hope to post a scan here from palladium-platinum print soon)

Almost done with this didactic traipse. What is obscured the moment we see; obscured by being seen? And the corollary, how then do we consider the obscured? I think obscurity can be accessed by gazing, and gazing requires humility and kindness, or gracefulness. And humility and gracefulness in the image is all about transitions, and the manner by which infinity is rendered between fixed points (thank you Roger Vail), where process has no consequence other than to get you somewhere.

The next image, tomorrow, is all about obscurity and gazing. But I could have only made it by ‘thinking’ in the language of its making.