Mike Ware, Near Syria, Virginia, USA. October, 2014.
Digital photograph

I presented, a couple of weeks ago, at  a symposium on platinum-palladium photography, at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. It was an impressive gathering of curators, conservators, scientists, historians and photographers. To stand up in front of this group was quite daunting, to talk about something that has infatuated me for over 30 years was an honor, but most of all, to publicly thank Mike Ware was the sweetest and greatest privilege. This is an extract from my introduction…

“Before going further, a few nods of thanks: to all of you for being here, and sharing in the work and dedication of Connie McCabe and this extensive network of collaborators and colleagues. And one more expression of deep thanks, and one I could say for every second of the [the rest of my presentation] – I would not be standing here were it not for the patience, generosity, creativity and sheer brilliance of one person: Mike Ware, my friend, thank you. “