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  1. Ha! “WWJD” — very naughty… I love the light in this water-walking picture. There is a particular emotion in such edge-of-the-water images (I have two treasured images of my own children in very similar situations) which has something to do with combining the intensity of the loving parental gaze with the intensity of one’s children’s absorbed obliviousness to it… Plus, of course, the overlay of the archetype being played out.

    Still not figured out why “Cosi fan Tutte”, though! No, wait, wait, don’t tell me…


  2. Mike – chuckle… but seriously, you nailed it (not that there is ever a definitive answer to the questions we ask through our work) with these thoughts about ‘edge-of-the-water’ and the process of oblivion / gazing. Another way of putting it would be to consider the immanent and/versus/despite/because of the transcendental. I’m playing with fire, I know.

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