Jiflore Jean

Jiflore Jean, , at home. Blanchard, Haiti. May, 2015

Jiflore Jean, at home. Blanchard, Haiti. May, 2015

In the wake of yet another swarm of murder and ill-will,
anger and grace, this time in Charleston, SC, I can’t help but wonder:

How far have we come?

Can we go further?

Will we always enslave our selves?

Bondage from freedom, or freedom from bondage…

…this is a culture of bigots and blindness, and while changing the gun-control laws may help, it won’t make much difference until the US government looks after its people: funding health care, education and civic and social services.

No wonder some people who have it all cannot sleep at night;
and sadly, too many of us sleep all day long. The real zombies.

I wake up when I make portraits like this. And they stand as cynosures reminding me to be kind, patient, considerate, impassioned, and wanting less while seeking more.

Most of this morning was spent gazing across water,
from a place that honors one of my childhood heroes.
How far have we come?

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