Days in Dorchester 1

Days in Dorchester 1

Hamza Raheem on the bus, Dorchester. 2:22 PM. June, 2015.

Hamza Raheem on the bus. 2:22 PM. June, 2015.

I’m spending a few weeks in Dorchester, MA. I can’t help but think about one of the most important pieces of photo-documentary work, Eugene Richards’ first book, Dorchester Days, as I walk and work around this neighborhood. The area has always been home to a vibrant mix of minority communities, except to me, minority here also includes people of European origin. Richards’ work looked from deep inside to the greater community, and as such, is an impassioned portrayal of inner and outer love and turmoil. I’m just a tourist. (Thanks, Eugene Richards, for your work!)

I saw Hamza on a bus, when his prayer cap caught my attention. He kindly let me take some photographs. (Thanks, Hamza!)

Phaidon has just re-published Richards’ book, ‘reordered and expanded in this new edition to include many previously unpublished photographs’, it is a must-have for anyone who cares about documentary photography.

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  1. Carl – so sorry I missed this and missed possibly meeting you. Have left MA now but still traveling. Let’s stay in touch. Contact me directly via the contact tab above. Thanks!