Scans from Prints 10

Scans from Prints 10

Bathroom Window, Duckspool, Somerset, England. 1989. Platinum-pa

Bathroom Window, Duckspool, Somerset, England. 1989.
Platinum-palladium print on Fabriano 5, from original 8×10 negative.

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I have begun to describe the evocation of a platinum-palladium print as a ‘hush’. Shh. It is the same kind of intensity that I feel when standing in a dark pine forest, layers of pine needles underfoot. Damp, padded, muffled, luminous. Intensity that is forceful, full of presence. Animated. The print holds my attention because it remains animated–there are no homogenous zones, no encampments of blandness.

I made this photograph in that wonderful haven, now gone, Duckspool Photography Workshops, which cradled an important part of photographic art and culture in Europe thanks to Sue and Peter Goldfield.


Bathroom Window, Duckspool, Somerset, England. 1989. Platinum-pa


2 responses to “Scans from Prints 10”

  1. Ah, Duckspool… I attended four workshops there, and it was my “art school”. There were rooms with curtains?? As a seismic snorer, Peter eventually banished me to a scruffy caravan, following complaints from other participants… FWIW, my memories of Peter and Duckspool are here:

    As you say, it was a haven, and played a crucial role in the development of photography in the 1980s/90s. So sad Peter couldn’t have lived to see what became of digital photography, in which he was also a bold pioneer.


  2. Mike – thank you for this point to your blog. A lovely article, as always, and it brings back a ton of memories. You write of Charlie Harbutt – I had forgotten he too taught at Duckspool! His last workshop was at Shakerag, right here in Sewanee, this June. My partner Rachel was his assistant. By all accounts, including Charlie’s, this was one of the best workshops. Sadly, he passed away the day after it wrapped up. But what a way to go…