Robin Gillanders and a few other friends have asked what my work-flow is for scanning prints that I’ve been posting here.

Here goes:

Epson Expression 10000 XL flatbed scanner, reflective (I also have a transparency head for negatives)

Epson Scan software (I have tried other drivers, but this is a clear interface and does the job) with the following settings:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.56.35 AM

click on the image to see more details

Scans are large (about 250MB for an 11×14 sheet), but I want this for archival purposes. Files are saved as TIFF, imported into Lightroom. I do not process these further, other than cropping as described below. For posts to this web site, I export as jpeg, sRGB, maximum size of 1280×1280 pixels at 72 ppi. I export three versions of each scan:

  • the full scan, showing Robin Myers’ wonderful color target (this is very important for verifying color balance and output for any future uses of these files);
  • the cropped scan, showing just the image as I would display it matted;
  • a detail view of about 15-25% of the image area.

The scan resolution, at 48 bit and 600 dpi is high enough to render paper-fiber details without pixelation.

I hope this helps!