Scans from Prints 39

Scans from Prints 39

Orchids, Thanksgiving, Sewanee, TN. November, 2015. Platinum-pal

Orchids, Thanksgiving, Sewanee, TN. November, 2015.
Platinum-palladium print on Reich CT Vellum from enlarged digital negative.

[and more:

Photographed with a Sony Alpha 7 r II, Zeiss Sonnar 150mm / f4 Hasselblad mount lens with an extension tube and adapter.

The DNG file was processed in Lightroom:
Treatment set to Black and White;
Tone Curve inverted;
and Split Toned
with hue and saturation levels set for Highlights at 246 / 43 and Shadows at 3/84;

then printed via Lightroom’s Print engine:
Color Management set to
360 ppi,
16 bit output,
Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Premium Glossy Photo Paper,
Relative intent,

and in the OS X Print Driver, Advanced Media Controls:
Color Density at +10%;
Drying Time per print head pass at 5;
Paper Thickness at 3

and printed on Pictorico OHP Sheet,
allowed to dry/cure for at least 12 hours before using

then printed using ammonium platinum and palladium salts
with ferric ammonium oxalate,
hydrated in an almost 100% RH / 68F atmosphere
for 15 minutes,
exposed under fluorescent UV for 2 minutes and 30 seconds,
thereby rendering almost 90% print-out
(where the image appears almost completely during exposure),
then clearing in
ethylenediaminetetraacetic disodium salt for 10 minutes,
sodium sulfite for 15 minutes,
ethylenediaminetetraacetic tetrasodium salt for 15 minutes
and a final wash for 30 minutes.

The print was flattened between blotters under weigh,
changing blotters after about the first hour,
and finally dry mounted on museum board.

… a baffling poem.]

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Orchids, Thanksgiving, Sewanee, TN. November, 2015. Platinum-pal