On a Wall

Against a Wall. Academia, Florence, Italy. February, 2010.

Against a Wall. Academia, Florence, Italy. February, 2010.
from the series, On a Wall

Time has a strange way of making sense of ourselves itself
Dylan and the Nobel Prize, against the persistent simmer of real ache
The wall, up against which many of us feel helplessly heading
A clarity that is too sharp, tapping its way across ridges and into the graft
It is not enough to be acknowledged for giving voice
It is better to just be the archaeologist’s brush,

It took me six years to refind these photographs

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  1. I really enjoyed this set, Pradip (and I could swear you’ve been reading my mind, or possibly my blog). Very brave to take small children into La Specola (not “Lo Speccolo”), though…

    Tantalising clues to a puzzle with no solution. (And I don’t mean Dylan’s Nobel prize…)


  2. Thanks Mike – and I agree, we are certainly wading in the same stream bed! I am thinking particularly of your ‘Museology’ post. Ah, children and Lo Speccolo… never too early. 🙂

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