Scans from Prints 59

Scans from Prints 59

Stone, Clouds, Aeolian Butte, Near Mono Lake, CA, 1993. Platinum

Stone, Clouds, Aeolian Butte, Near Mono Lake, CA, 1993.
Platinum-palladium print on 100% cellulose paper (Fabriano 5) from original 11×14 inch negative.

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Reading  Ben Ehrenreich’s powerful book, ‘The Way to the Spring: life and death in Palestine‘, where he is talking with one of his friends about American criticism of stone-throwing Palestinians:

“in the face of [systemic violence–the land theft, the permit system, the military courts, the economic hard squeeze in its multitude of forms]…[Americans] want to talk about stones, stones thrown at soldiers wearing helmets and body armor, soldiers who routinely fire far more sophisticated and lethal projectiles?” – Penguin Press, NY, 2016, page 44

and Ehrenreich adds a footnote to this:

While visiting Palestine in 1857, Herman Melville wrote in his journals that the region “is one accumulation of stones–stony mountains and stony plains; stony torrents and stony roads…Before you and behind you are stones. Stones to the right and stones to the left. You see heaps of stones here and there; and stone wall of immense thickness are thrown together, less for boundaries than to get them out of the way. But in vain; the removal of one stone only serves to reveal there stones still larger, below it.”