Datura and Passion Flower, Berkeley, 1987.
Platinum-palladium print on 100% cellulose paper (Van Gelder Simili Japon) from original 8×10 inch negative.

My dear friend, and mentor-whose-mentorship-I-resisted, Ron Partridge, had a habit of gleaning flowers and plant material during early morning jaunts through his neighborhood. He loved that I loved datura flowers. And he loved to hear me tell him how Lord Shiva is known to knock back a lethal brew from these flowers every now and then.

This photograph was made in Ron and his wife, Elizabeth’s, kitchen sink, early one morning. I can still hear Ron whistling and fumbling around in the kitchen, keeping a (critical) eye on me.

Shiva must be knocking back some datura brew right now. Things are fairly crazy around us. One day past the Solstice.

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Ron Partridge, Water Lily 3, 1998 [included here with permission]