Lessons for a Shaman: On Barenness

Lessons for a Shaman: On Barenness

Lessons for a Shaman: On Barenness, Berriedale, Orkney, 1984. Platinum-palladium print on 100% cellulose paper (Van Gelder simili japon) from original 18×24 cm negative.

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2 responses to “Lessons for a Shaman: On Barenness”

  1. Yes, that’s the one from “Through the Looking Glass” — there’s something about the balance of the ball and the rods, and the way they command the jar’s shadow and the refracted light within it (as if the construct were some kind of shamanistic battery) that I find compelling. Will you be showing more from this series? If so, I’m looking forward to it.

    Is this scanning exercise leading up to a book of some kind? Hope so.


  2. Ah, thought that was the one you were referring to in comment on http://pradipmalde.com/2017/02/scans-from-prints-74/2017/.
    Thank you once more! I was working hard at trying to understand how process reshapes vision. Strange that I watched the movie ‘Arrival’ a few nights ago, and kept thinking about this early work where I was struggling with the stilled in life along with the particular voice of the pt/pd process. This image came out with some answers to both.
    The scanning is mainly me trying to get my prints organized and archived in some fashion. No book on the horizon, I’m sorry to say. This kind of work just is not published, or shown much these days. I’ll write more soon about my scanning workflow.