detail, Three (Sycamore) Seeds, 1988, from series, ‘Memory, Balance, Love’.
Platinum-palladium print on Fabriano 5 from 8×10 negative

I hope to post the complete set of images from this exhibition. For now, a catalogue introduction by my dear friend and brilliant artist, Chris Bucklow, is online. He saw in my work, and was able to articulate in words, what was for me a difficult struggle. The work grew out of a conviction that the process of being seems inverse to reality.

Chris gets it: “As a philosophy of what we are uniquely in nature Malde’s view is also a distinctively holistic vision. Modern specialist accounts of man as a phenomenon often follows materialist views established in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These stress reason as the major human faculty and either ignore emotional phenomena altogether or treat them in a fashion which underlines the deep suspicion science has harbored that mental phenomena as a whole are epiphenomena — unexpected or atypical by-products of matter which, because the physical sciences are the ultimate arbiters of our ideas of nature, are denied any fundamental reality. Pradip Malde’s view, unlike these professional philosophical accounts, attends to both our rational and emotional faculties — indeed in his writing he largely ignores such traditional oppositions, treating them as a single entity.” Thanks friend! That said, his essay stands also as a manifestation of his interests.

His work, since leaving the curatorial profession and becoming a full-time maker/makar, steel this out, and I encourage you to seek out his books and take a look.

image and full scan:

Platinum-palladium print on Fabriano 5 from 8×10 inch negative
Platinum-palladium print on Fabriano 5 from 8×10 inch negative